Treatment Tips

Please inform the salon on any Medical History, Medication, Skin disorders or Allergies


Avoid make-up and heat treatments after facial
- unable to wear make-up after this treatment - can have during Pregnancy- not before 12weeks
Hydradermie Lift
- unable to have when Pregnant
Beaute Neuve
- best to avoid sun exposure, other heat treatments and prevent from using other exfoliating products/treatments when undergoing this facial
- avoid if claustrophobic
Products can get into the hairline - so best not to have a facial before going out on a special occasion

Heavenly Bodies

Massage- avoid strenuous exercise, heat treatments and drink plenty water afterwards
Avoid alcohol or stimulants- e.g. coffee, before and after Best not to have a heavy meal before and after.

Nail Treatments

Athletes Foot
Fungal Infections

Manicure and pedicure- come without nail paint on
- bring flip flops to wear after treatment so nail polish doesn’t get smudged

Allow enough time for nails to dry to prevent smudging


Skin diseases and disorders
Coldsores- for facial waxing
No heat treatments before or after waxing
No perfumed products, make-up, fake tan or deodorant after
Severe Bruising
Body hair- hair should be about a cm in length- allow enough time for shaven hair to grow
Eyebrow wax- Not able have at same time as facial
Wear loose clothing- avoid wearing tights after leg or bikini wax
Don’t swim after waxing- chlorine can irritate
Bikini waxes- if hair is very long- then trim it down slightly
Wear a thong /G-string for bikini waxes
Regular body waxing- every 5-6weeks
Facial Hair- every 4weeks

Eye Treatments

Contact lenses
Eye infections
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint- tint test required 24hrs before treatment
Tinting usually performed every 4-5weeks
Eyelash extensions- take lashes off correctly- do not pull out!
Best to come to salon without eye make-up on

Slimming Treatments

Avoid a heavy meal and alcohol before and after treatment
No heat treatments before and after
Drink plenty water after treatment

Universal Contour Wrap- good to have another treatment when wrap is on - e.g. Manicure
Also best to keep clay on for as long as possible once you leave the salon for best benefits- so don’t where any special or light coloured clothing

Bronzed and Beautiful

Fake Bake Airbrush Tan- perform hair removal treatments 24hrs before, body exfoliation before (especially at feet, hands, elbows and knees) no make-up, deodorant or an oil moisturiser, loose clothing and flip flops to wear after spray tan and no bra- friction from bra, tight clothing and footwear can rub the tan off!
Once tan is applied- keep away from water and prevent from using other products until the following day
Sleep in tan over night - will take 8-12hrs to develop
Tan will last about 5-7 days- to keep the best colour and to keep your skin in top condition- moisturise all over everyday.  See salon for a variety of different products
After a week- best to give yourself another body scrub to get excess tan off from skin


Skin disease and disorders- Cold sores, eye infections
Come without any eye or face make-up on
If you are having your hair

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